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Introducing Take-Away Hair Colour Kits At Hair By Elements Salon In Bishop's Stortford

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We are very excited to announce we have the perfect takeaway for you - Take-Away Colour.

This personalised bespoke professional take-away hair colour service is exclusive to our existing colour guests of Hair by Elements. 

We don’t want you to put on a colour product that will be difficult to match up when we return, or damage your hair or even put on the wrong colour so your hair looks even worse.

This is why, this time round, we are ready to look after your hair with these bespoke colour kits. 


Choose From 3 Bespoke Hair Colour Packages

These packages are:

* Root colour - £48.00

* Roots and ends refresh - £65.00

* All over colour gloss - £45.00

For hair that is super thick or very long there will be an extra £10.00 added.

Each colour is prepared specifically for you. All you need to do is email info@hairbyelements.co.uk and we will contact you for a consultation. 

You can pick up from the salon every Thursday 10am – 3pm or we will deliver free within a 10 mile radius.

Please note that you will be required to sign a disclaimer either in the salon or when we deliver before using one of our take-away hair colour packages. 

What's In Your Take-Away Colour Kit?

takeaway hair colour at hair by elements hairdressers bishops stortford* Your professional colour (mixed specifically for you)

* Developer

* Gloves (be aware if you have an allergy to latex)

* Disposable towel

* Black cape

* Tint brush

* Complimentary leave-in hair colour treatment (normal price £10.00)

* Instructions on how to mix, apply and develop

You can upgrade with a unique colour care gift bag containing a full-size shampoo, conditioner and a travel-size perfect hold spray.  Normal price £19.95; special colour take-away price £15.00.

We also have many retail products that can help to refresh and maintain your colour and condition of your hair.

How To Apply Your Colour - Covering Regrowth

All About Our Take-Away Hair Colour Service  

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