Your Hair Q&As In Lockdown

Here we answer some of your questions to help you and your hair get through the Coronavirus lockdown!  

1. How much shampoo should I use?

When shampooing your hair think about using the size of a 10 pence piece. Gently spread the product across your hands then press onto the scalp. As this is the dirtiest part. Now with the tips of your fingers massage the shampoo around the scalp working all the way over your head. The shampoo will make its way down the hair. If the shampoo doesn’t foam up much add a little water and massage again. If you need to do a second shampoo use half the amount. More product isn’t always better. – Ben

2. What’s the best way to use dry shampoo?

When using dry shampoo hold the can 10-15cm away from the head. Spray in short bursts along the scalp. Take sections about 1.5 inches and repeat. Leave the dry shampoo for a moment to absorb the oils. Then with a brush or your hands remove the excess product. You don’t want to use so much product that you see it in the hair. Again, more product isn’t always better. – Ben

3. My blonde hair is looking a bit yellow, is there anything I can put on it?

Yes, you can! We recommend products to neutralize brassy tones in your hair and help achieve a cooler shade of blond.

KMS Colour vitality blonde shampoo and conditioner is great for maintaining cooler tones in the hair or refreshing the blond from yellowing, its gentle, sulphate free and has UV filter that protect your hair.

Another great product is GOLDWELL SOFT COLOUR MOUSSE, not only helps with colour looking fresh and shiny but conditions the hair as well- Anastasia

4. Is there any way to reduce split ends?

When it comes to split ends, the only thing that will get rid of them is having a good haircut. But a good hair care routine with the right products will help to keep hair healthy. First off by use professional shampoos and conditioners recommended by your stylist, as they will be chosen to suit your hair needs. Make sure you use a wide tooth comb when brushing through the hair when wet, to reduce stress and damage on the hair. Always use heat protection on the hair before blow drying the hair, such as Kerasilk reconstruct regeneragting blow dry spray, which is light weight, moisturising and repairing on the hair. – Vickie

5. Should I wash my hair every day?

No! If you can help it! It’s better to wash hair less often: it helps keeping natural oils in the scalp to keep hair moisturised.

We are living in weird times at the moment and being in a lock down gives us the opportunity to avoiding washing our hair daily, so instead we can put our hair up in a cute braid or wear a nice hat.

Or a headband which so in right now and make a fashion statement. – Anastasia

6. My fringe is getting long, what should I do?

If your fringe is getting too long, I would recommend clipping it back for the time being. Or you could use this time to try practicing French plaiting to keep it out of your face. Or wearing it in a quiff style to give you a different look, but I would definitely avoid taking scissors to your own hair! – Katie

7. How can I stop my colour fading?

If you find your colour is fading, I would recommend not washing as often, as the more you wash your hair the quicker the colour will fade. When you do wash your hair, , make sure you use cool water instead of hot, as the hot water will remove essential oils and moisture from the hair.  One of the most important things though is to ensure you have the right products for your coloured hair, such as Kerasilk colour, or KMS colour vitality shampoo and conditioner to protect your colour.

8. I’ve got dark hair, but my grey roots are starting to show. Is there anything I can put on them?

With having dark roots, you can always use a root touch up spray, which we sell here at Hair by Elements as part of our delivery service. Other options are to style your hair differently by changing your parting. Grey hairs normally show up more so as a temporary thing, you could also try eye shadow to try and cover it up – Katie

9. I feel like my hair is falling out more than usual, is there anything I use that will help?

We naturally shed 50 to 100 hairs every day and if you do not brush the excess hair out every day it does look like a lot on the brush. Additional hair fall could be due to many factors including medications, stress and a change in hormones. I would recommend Kerasilk redensify shampoo and serum to prevent any further loss.

10. My hair feels drier than usual, should I use an oil on there? Is that the best thing?

If your hair is feeling drier than normal depending on what shampoo and conditioner you are using, I could recommend using our KMS moist repair range shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo reduces breakage and repairs damaged hair whilst restoring the hairs natural productive coating. The conditioner will moisturisers and repair the hair and conditions and detangles. These products will help prevent your hair feeling so dry and add condition and moisture.

I personally wouldn’t use oils in your hair as some oils can makes your hair greasy and creates product build up onto your hair. I would recommend you using the KMS leave in conditioner or trying a deep conditioning mask and leave in 5-10mins. If your using heat on your hair I would also recommend using a heat protection spray the one I would say to use is the KMS thermashape quick blow dry spray this will speed up your blow drying time up to 50% also giving light conditioning to your hair. Then applying the KMS revival cream as this adds body without weight and improves manageability. Then finishing the hair after styling then you can finish by applying the KMS tame frizz de-frizz oil this will give your hair a smooth finish minimising frizz and humidity is your hair, using one pump rubbing into your hands before applying. – Shane

11. As I’m not heat styling my hair every day, is there something I can put on during the day and leave in my hair to help it be stronger?

As you’re not styling your hair every day I would recommend you using the KMS leave in conditioner this product will give weightless condition and also instantly detangles the hair spraying into the hair and comb through and leave it in. – Shane

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