Brazilian Blow Dry – Hair Smoothing

Kerastraight Smoothing Service at Elements Hair, Bishop’s Stortford

The team of professional hairdressers in Bishop’s Stortford are pleased to offer the award-winning Kerastraight Blow Dry system to all our lovely clients. Also known as the Brazilian Blow Dry, our blow dry hair smoothing treatment is suitable for ALL hair types, and is a fantastic way of restoring dry, damaged unruly hair into sleek, shiny and manageable tresses.


Kerastraight Brazilian Blow Dry

With KeraStraight’s award-winning straightening and repairing proteins, we can help truly transform lifeless, uninspiring locks at our Bishop’s Stortford salon. Take a look at this short video to see how the incredible results are made possible.

Is this a Brazilian Blow Dry or Permanent Blow Dry?

The results are the same but the process and chemicals different. Unlike many other Brazilian Blow treatments or Long-Lasting Blow Drys our treatment does not use formaldehyde, a chemical that has been a cause for concern for some time.This is what Kerastraight say about the Kera- straight straightening treatment;

‘The Kerastraight straightening treatment uses a low-PH protein amino acid which produces a similar result, but using different science. We don’t think the aldehyde-based method will be in existence in a few years, because the world’s turning against it.”

What type of hair can have a Brazilian blow dry?

Brazilian Blow DryWe take huge pride in our customer care and the signature one-to-one consultation process allows you to feel completely at ease discussing your hairdressing needs with our professional team of Bishop’s Stortford hairdressers. Watch the Kerastraight video and they’ll tell you this Brazilian blow dry treatment is suitable for all hair types.

We agree! However, we would like to see you in person and check over your hair to take in it’s thickness, length and condition when advising and prescribing the Kerastraight brazilian blow dry system.

This fantastic treatment is available at our hair salon in Bishop’s Stortford from just £150. 


Kerastraight Appointments at Elements, Bishop’s Stortford

For more information, why not book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our industry experts at our hair salon in Bishop’s Stortford call us on 01279 505151 or book online here.