Hair Colour


Hair Colour Services at Elements Hair, Bishop’s Stortford

Our team of professionally trained hair colour technicians at our hairdressing salon in Bishop’s Stortford love nothing more than working with clients to achieve beautiful hair colours.

Whether you want to go for a bold new look, a few sun-kissed highlights or a simple root touch up, the dedicated hairdressers at Elements Hair offer a wide range of hair colour services and application techniques unique to your individual hair needs.



We are a L’Oreal hair salon specialists in all aspects of hair colouring, and are proud to offer our valued clients some of the most respected, well researched and innovative hair colour sub brands of L’Oreal including;

  • L’Oréal Professional Hair Colour 
  • Majirel
  • DIA Richesse
  • DIA Light
  • Inoa (ammonia free hair colour)
  • Elumen

Please note: If you have hair extensions, please make our team aware when booking your appointment as some colouring, cutting and styling services may not be suitable or achievable with some hair extensions and a consultation may be required.

Important Things To Know Before Your Hair Colour Service

We recommend booking in for a free hair colour consultation with one of our expert hairdressers before colouring. We like to establish a relationship with our clients, allowing us to discuss the various hair colours you like, which hair colours will suit your skin tone.

We will also discuss the hair colouring application methods we use to achieve your desired hair colour. Our hair colouring process is uniquely tailored to you, taking into account your lifestyle and personality, ensuring that you have the best overall hair colour experience possible.

Please Note: A skin test is required 48 hours prior to having a colour application. To book a consultation with a hair colour expert at Elements Hair and Lifestyle, call 01279 505151 / 506010 or book an appointment online here.

Full Head Colour and Regrowth Colour

Whether it be a vibrant eye-catching red hair colour, a stand out platinum blonde or a rich chocolate brown hair colour, permanent all-over hair colours look fantastic. With help and guidance from our professional colour experts, we can steer you towards a hair colour that complements your complexion and revitalises your look, propelling your confidence levels up to the max.

We also offer a regrowth touch up service, allowing you to maintain your beautiful hair colour and refresh your look. Re-growth of your natural colour or the appearance of unwanted grey hairs can make your hair look tired, washed out and unkempt. In order to keep your hair colour looking at it’s best it is vitally important to keep it regularly maintained with such root touch-ups and regrowth treatments.

Semi Permanent Hair Colour and Glossing

Hair colour doesn’t have to be permanent. If you’re not quite daring enough to go for it full throttle then consider a semi permanent hair colour. Many semi permanent hair colours provide the most fantastic coverage, especially when colouring grey hair.

Semi permanent clear glossing hair colour treatments are also available at Elements Hair to add a vibrant healthy and glossy shine to your hair – without altering the colour!

Highlights/Lowlights And Foils

Arguably the most popular hair colour technique are foil highlights and lowlights.

Applying foil highlights/lowlights is a way of adding multiple tones and shades to your hair colour, as well as creating more depth. Combining different hair colours is also a fantastic way of developing your own unique look and delivering stunning results in the process.

During the highlights and lowlights hair colouring process, foil highlights can be woven or sliced into the hair. Sections of the hair can be coloured alternatively at random to achieve your desired hair colour.  The foil highlight and lowlight technique allows your Elements hair stylist to add in as many colours as you wish. Your hair can be bold or as natural as you like.

We offer several different hair colouring services involving foils;

  • Full head foils – Foil highlights or lowlights are placed throughout the whole head of hair for a full multi tonal, multidimensional colour. If you want full head coverage or you often wear your hair up then this is the highlighted hair colour choice for you.
  • Partial or half head foils – Foil highlights are positioned throughout half the head area or one particular area for this highlight and lowlight hair colour technique.
  • 10 Foils – A small amount of colour can still make a difference! 10 foils applied to the hair can be used to achieve subtle dashes of colour without committing to a full colour change.

Please Note: All foil highlight and lowlight hair colour treatments at Elements Hair and Lifestyle are available in permanent, semi-permanent or partial colouring options and  they DO NOT include a blow dry. Blow Dry or Cut & Finish are an additional charge (please see our price menu for cost). A rough dry is offered for a small charge of £10.00.

Flying Colours

Let’s get creative! During this hair colouring treatment, the chosen hair colour is painted onto sections of the hair by hand. This freehand hair colouring technique, sometimes referred to as Balayage hair colour, will last until your next cut.  A truly great way to try out a new hair colour and find out if it is for you!

Hair Colour Trends

This year has seen some really exciting hair colour trends, with a the emergence of warm copper tones and cool pastel colours ruling the roost.

No hair colour trend has lasted as long, or had the same impact, as the balayage or ombre hair colour. This long lasting, here-to-stay popular hair colour technique can be seen on catwalks, hair shows and celebrities alike. This cool look is a fantastic way of adding depth to your hair colour. We generally achieve the ombre effect by highlighting lower sections of hair or in the case of our flying colours service, many of our clients are opting to achieve this hair colour using the balayage hair colour technique.

Our professional hair colour technicians at Elements Hair can help transform your existing hair colour and overall look by adding the chic, on-trend dip-dyed hair colour effect for as little as £60.00.

Hair Colour Correction

So. You’ve bought a box dye, taken it home and followed the instructions. You wait patiently to unveil the fabulous results (of course you will look like the Brazilian model on the front of the box) and look in the mirror to find that after half an hour of crazed colouring (and a bathroom floor that looks like a crime scene) your hair is green. Arghhh!!

What do you do when hair colour goes wrong?… Firstly, DON’T PANIC!

Secondly, seek professional hair colour advice immediately.  Do not be tempted to dye over the problem, this result so often in you worsening the hair colour problem, causing more stress.  The team of expertly trained hair colourists at Elements Hair, Bishops Stortford are here help you remedy your hair colour disasters with our hair colour correction service! We understand how upsetting it can be when you have a hair colour problem so we are on hand to deliver professional advice and get your hair colour back to its best in no time!

Hair Treatments

We highly recommended that with every style visit to our hair salon in Bishops Stortford, you treat yourself to one of our Kérastase Ritual Treatments. They are a fantastic way of ensuring that you leave us with totally nourished and revitalised hair. Ask your stylist for our prescriptive treatment menu.