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Best Hair Colour Hairdressers in Herfordshire at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's StortfordWe are renowned for our hair colour and want you to have the best possible experience (and fabulous hair, of course) in our salon. 

The team of professionally trained hair colour technicians at our hairdressing salon in Bishop's Stortford love nothing more than working with clients to achieve beautiful hair colours.

As Goldwell colour specialists, we use only the best colouring products from this internationally renowned brand.  Goldwell Pure Pigments hair colour is fantastic for vibrant fashion colours which change as the light hits your hair. Goldwell Elumen creates hair colour that has brilliance and shine as it reflects the light.  Plus, if you are allergic to hair colour, Elumen hair colours are PPD-free and much kinder on your hair and skin so we can still mask those pesky grey hairs or give you a dazzling hair colour to help you stand out in a crowd! 

Whatever hair colour you desire, the experts at Hair by Elements can help.

Important Things To Know Before Your Hair Colour Service

Best Hair Colour Hairdressers in Herfordshire at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's StortfordBefore you book your first visit with us we recommend you book in for a free hair colour consultation with one of our experts.  Together we can discuss the look you desire and assess your hair and skin tone to help us find the perfect hair colour for you.

Please note that a skin test is required 48 hours prior to having a colour application.  However, if you do suffer from allergies it is also worth noting that we use Goldwell Elumen hair colour which is free from an ingredient called PPD which is the main cause of reactions.  

To book a consultation with a hair colour expert at Hair by Elements in Bishop's Stortford, please call 01279 505151 / 506010

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Hair Colour Services We Offer

Best Hair Colour Hairdressers in Herfordshire at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's StortfordPERMANENT COLOUR & REGROWTH

From vibrant eye-catching red hair colours or platinum blondes to rich chocolate brown hair colours, there is no doubt that permanent all-over hair colours look fantastic.

With help and guidance from our professional colour experts, we can steer you towards a hair colour that complements your complexion and revitalises your look, propelling your confidence levels up to the max.

Everyone's hair grows at different rates, but we advise regrowth services every 4-6 weeks.




Many semi-permanent hair colours provide the most fantastic coverage, especially when colouring grey hair.  Semi permanent clear glossing hair colour treatments are also available in our salon to add a vibrant healthy and glossy shine to your hair - without altering the colour!  View the latest Goldwell Elumen hair colour range including natural shades and the wildest colours imaginable!

Best Hair Colour Hairdressers in Herfordshire at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's StortfordHIGHLIGHTS & LOWLIGHTS

Half head to full head highlights, we can offer the right colour shades to add depth and movement to your style. By perfectly placing the colour, this service will add the illusion of volume to your locks. Highlights and lowlights are an incredibly popular and effective way to add colour and dimension to your hairstyle.   At Hair by Elements Hair Salon in Bishop's Stortford, we use a foiling technique to weave or slice highlights and lowlights through your hair in as many tones and shades as you wish.  

Please Note: All foil highlight and lowlight hair colour treatments at Hair by Elements are available in permanent, semi-permanent or partial colouring options. They DO NOT include a blow dry. Blow dry or cut & finish services have an additional charge. A rough dry is offered for a small charge of £10.00.

Best Hair Colour Hairdressers in Herfordshire at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's StortfordBALAYAGE HAIR COLOUR

One of the most popular hair colour techniques in recent years is balayage.  This is a freehand hair colouring technique where highlights are painted onto the hair to give it a sun-kissed look.   

There are several variations of balayage and you may also have heard it called root stretch, babylights or ombre. 

Most clients ask for darker roots which grow lighter towards the ends (making this a low-maintenance look), but your hair transformation can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.  

We recommend a free consultation before any Balayage service.



While you are with us, why not treat yourself to one of our Goldwell Dualsenses Serums which are designed to give your hair the boost it needs – whether that is to lock in colour, add shine, revive curls or rejuvenate dull and lifeless locks.  Once you’ve tried one of these fabulous serums we’re convinced you’ll never turn back.  We can add a serum to your normal hair wash service - just ask your stylist when you're next in for your appointment.  



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Late Deals

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