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Sustainability at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's Stortford

sustainable hairdressing at hair by elements salon in bishop's stortford hertfordshire and essex

Beauty comes at a price, and at the moment it’s an expensive one for our environment.  When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint we believe that the little things make a big difference.  We are making small changes that reduce our waste and make Hair by Elements a more sustainable and eco-friendly salon.

What are we doing to become an eco-salon?

HeadJog brushes at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire & EssexWe use disposable and biodegradable towels which will break down, saving on the energy used when washing towels.

We reduce the use of plastic with the refreshments we offer.  Our sparkling water is carbonated on site to save single-use bottles.

Our wash basins have been fitted with heads that lower water consumption and are energy efficient. 

All lighting throughout Hair by Elements is energy-efficient LED lighting.

We stock and use KMS products which are introducing sustainable and green products to their already majority vegan range.

We reuse unused and barely touch towels where possible for cleaning and general salon use.

We no longer use Cotton Wool within the salon as it is not biodegradable due to the toxins it contains.

We weigh and reweigh all colour used which is recorded on a system called Vish.  This reduces the amount of colour waste so less colour is being thrown down the drain and contaminating our oceans.

We choose to stock Headjog brushes which focus on using recycled materials to produce their brushes.  Whether it's ocean waste, coconut or straw, every brush purchased helps reduce waste in the future so when you use a Headjog brush, not only will your hair and scalp feel amazing but you will be doing your bit in looking after our world.

Introducing our exciting new homecare range: Conscious styling by KMS

Introducing Conscious styling by KMS, an eco-friendly approach to haircare. All KMS Conscious Styling products are 100% Vegan, focusing on producing lightweight green products to use at home.  98% of its packaging is made using recycled packaging, reducing its carbon footprint and single-use plastic wastage. 

What are the benefits of using KMS Conscious Style hair products?

kms conscious styling products near me- The shampoo and conditioner have been produced for those who like to wash their hair more frequently. These lightweight formulas  allow you to use less product, more often.  It is the perfect shampoo and conditioner for short to mid-length hair as a little goes a very long way.

- The cleansing mist is an alternative to an aerosol dry shampoo, lowering product wastage and a cleaner way of using an alternative hair cleansing method.  The mist contains clay to purify the toxins and dirt on your hair. It gives an intense surge of moisture leaving your hair fresh and hydrated.

- The multi-benefit spray adds texture to your desired look or finish your style as a hairspray.

- The styling putty gives a medium hold if used as a pomade or blow dry into your hair to smooth your style and add moisture.

We are an independent family-run business and we care about looking after you,  your hair and our environment.  Where possible, we are making changes to reduce our footprint and we are stocking environmentally friendly ranges.  We can’t change the world but we can make a difference with how we conduct our business with our working ethics, good working practices and being as sustainable as we possibly can.  Every little helps and every little can make a difference.

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