Hair Cuts and Styling

Hair Cuts and Styling from Elements Hair and Lifestyle, Bishop’s Stortford

Cutting and styling hair is a precise and exact science. The power that hair has to change the way a person looks and feels is incredible. This power for change, and our ability to change the way a person views themselves is what drives us daily as a forward thinking 5 star hairdressing team at our hairdressing salon in Bishop’s Stortford.

We understand the difference that a great hair cut can have on your self esteem and your confidence.  After all, you wear your hair every day so when it comes to creating and implementing the very best hair cut and hairstyle for you as an individual, rest assured that you are in highly skilled and trained hands.

With advances in technology alongside new techniques and products within the hair and beauty industry, we like to stay well ahead of the hairdressing game. Our inspirational team of creative hairdressers receive consistent training and education on all aspects of hairdressing to ensure that they deliver proactive hairdressing advice. We know what’s hot before many of our peers and we can ensure that you’ll stay ahead of the fashion game when it comes to your new hair cut or hairstyle.

Talking of fashions, in addition to recommending a new style, product or trend we are also well versed and highly experienced in advising the best hair colours, cuts and hairstyles for you as an individual. The very latest ‘on trend’ hairstyle or hair colour may be the talk of tinseltown, but if it won’t flatter your features or your skin tone, we won’t be recommending it.

Please note: If you have hair extensions, please make our team aware when booking your appointment as some colouring, cutting and styling services may not be suitable or achievable with some hair extensions and a consultation may be required.

The Little Princess Trust

At Elements we regularly donate to the Little Princess Trust, If you are looking to change you hair style and are thinking of having 7 inches or more cut off you hair we will donate that hair personal to the Little Princess Trust. This organisation provides wigs free of charge to girls and boys in the UK and Ireland who have lost their hair through cancer treatment.

The One to One Consultation

Each new client at Elements, Bishop’s Stortford goes through an initial informal one to one consultation which works two fold.  Firstly this informal chat allows you to establish the relationship with your new hairdresser (after all there is a huge element of trust required when placing your hair into the hands of a new stylist!). Secondly it allows your stylist to get to know a little about your personality, your current home haircare routine and your wishes, desires and any styles you’ve got your eye on that you would like to recreate.

Over time as your relationship with your hairdresser evolves you will find that they will assist you in creating hair cuts, hair styles and hair colours that they feel would not o
nly suit you and your features, but most importantly, your personality.

Short Hair Cutshoney1

Short hair cuts really make a statement. From pixie crops to bob, chops and graduated bobs a short hairstyle is one which will require some extra TLC. Think carefully about this hair length if you’re a busy bee who won’t have time for regular maintenance appointments using precision cutting techniques. In order to keep short hair cuts and short hairstyles looking as fresh as the day you left the salon, regular trims every 6 weeks will ensure your new short hairstyle is in optimum condition.

Make a dramatic statement with a short hair cut and emphasise your natural features with this shorter hair length and hairstyle.




Mid Length Hair Cuts

Easily the most versatile hair length, these mid length cuts from nape to shoulders can be worn up or down and styled in a variety of ways to achieve a desired look. Layers, fringes and an abundance of hair colouring techniques including highlights work really well with this hair length. Mid length hair is perfect for girls on the go who want a fuss free hair length that allows them to morph easily from work to play without too much time and hassle styling hair.

For time efficient hair styling, the mid length hair cut could be the answer to those wanting a fuss free hairstyle.




Long Hair Cuts

A little more high maintenance, especially when it comes to styling time (especially if your hair is wavy or frizzy) the long hair cut oozes instant femininity. With a myriad of styling options available at your fingertips with long hair, you can curl, braid, blow dry, straighten and smooth for many different looks and hair styles.  Long hair does often need TLC in the form of regular trims to keep split ends at bay every 6-8 weeks and some people with long hair benefit from deep conditioning treatments to nourish the hair, particularly the ends of the long hair.
If you are fed up of waiting for your short hair to grow longer, why not try some hair extensions, check out our hair extensions at Elements Hair and Lifestyle.




19Fringes are arguably the most striking, instant way to make a hair statement. Fringes however, don’t suit everyone. Depending on your face shape, fringes can provide ingenious ways to hide or balance certain features like a long fringe to hide a long forehead, or a fringe with graduated longer layers at the side to create balance and draw the eye upwards on a heart shaped face. Whether you choose a micro fringe, blunt fringe or side swept sweeping fringe, make sure you maintain the condition of the fringe with regular appointments to trim and tidy. Book your next hairstyle appointment at our salon in Bishop’s Stortford, Elements Hair and Lifestyle.