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Wedding Services at Elements Hair and Beauty, Bishop’s Stortford

Your wedding day is without a doubt, one of the most special days of your entire life. It is the one day you will want to ensure you look and feel fabulous. The professional team of hairdressers and beauty therapists at our hair and beauty salon in Bishop’s Stortford, are here to help relieve some of that inevitable pre-wedding stress, ensuring that your wedding hair and beauty regime will be one area of wedding planning you will actually enjoy!

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We believe that it is never too early to start planning your wedding day, especially when it comes to the hair and beauty element. Whether you are looking to change your hair colour, grow your hair for your wedding day, or make a decision on a bridal hairstyle that will complement your wedding dress and all your best features – preparation is the key.Establishing a good wedding day hair and beauty regime well in advance of the big day, ensures that you really do look and feel at your very best when it comes to walking down the aisle.

It is a well known fact that as the blushing bride, you will be the centre of all attention on your wedding day, so let the team of experts at Elements, Bishop’s Stortford give you the perfect bridal hair, professional makeup, nails and skin to make you look absolutely flawless for all your guests and soon to be partner!

For Luxury and Bespoke Wedding Hair and Make-up with our team the prices are as follows…

  • Bride’s trial for Hair and Make-up, 2 hour appointment in house | £80 
  • Bridesmaid’s/Mother of the bride trial for Hair and Make-up, 1.5 hour appointment in house | £60
  • Bride’s on the day Hair, 1 hour appointment | £65
  • Bridesmaid’s/Mother of the bride on the day Hair, 45 minute appointment | £45
  • Bride’s on the day Make-up, 1 hour appointment | £65
  • Bridesmaid’s/Mother of the bride on the day Make-up, 45 minute appointment | £45

Premium Package Price

Brides in house Hair and Make-up on the day | £210 – this is inclusive of a prior Hair and Make-up Trial and complimentary glass of champagne and strip eye-lashes on the day. 

If you would like our Specialist’s to come to your home or venue on the day the prices above apply but will have an additional minimum call out fee of £100 added. This will depend on distance and the number of specialist you require.

To book a consultation with our wedding hairdressers and beauty specialists at our hair and beauty salon in Bishop’s Stortford call us on 01279 505151/506010 or book online here.


The Elements Countdown to Wedding Hair and Beauty

One year until the wedding

  • Are you on the quest to find the best hair colour for brides?
  • Wanting to know how to grow your own hair in time for the wedding day?
  • Searching for the best bridal hair cut and hairstyle?

Answered yes to all of the above? Then it is definitely time to for you to begin your regular hair care routine and regime in preparation for your big day!

Did you know for example, that the best way to grow your own hair longer is to actually have it cut every 6-8 weeks? Yes! Having regular trims by your favorite Elements Hair Stylist will keep any potential split ends at bay, whilst encouraging your hair to grow healthy strong and long.  Making the commitment to have your hair trimmed regularly one year before your wedding is a simple but very effective way to grow your hair, also keeping your hair in optimum condition ready for the special day.

Home Hair Care for Brides

So, there are 12 months to go before your special wedding day. Now’s the time to kick out the sulphate infused lower-end shampoos and conditioners from your bathroom cupboard as they will only coat the hair and completely weigh it down. Investing in a professional shampoo and conditioner for your own specific hair type, as well as a quality deep-conditioning treatment (to be used once a week) will make a huge difference to the condition of your hair. Get that salon fresh feeling at home with our chosen high quality Kérastase Ritual Treatments. Your Elements Hair Wedding Hairdresser will recommend the perfect professional shampoo and conditioner for your unique hair type.

6 months until the big day

Book Your Hair & Beauty Appointments in Advance

With a great multitude of things to organise and think about when planning your wedding, be sure to re-book your next wedding hair or beauty appointment everytime you visit our Elements Hair Salon, Bishop’s Stortford.  Avoid the disappointment of there being no availability, by avoiding leaving it last minute! The majority of our clients book their wedding hair appointments well in advance, right until their special day.

Bridal Hairstyle Ideas & Bridesmaids 

Use this time to really start thinking about the look that you want you and your bridesmaids to recreate on the special day.  Keeping a scrapbook of wedding day hair styles that you like, or you creating a wedding mood board online that your bridesmaids can add suggestions to (such as the online scrapbook social site Pinterest) are fantastic ways of sourcing and sharing inspiration.  Pass on the link to mood board to your Elements Wedding Hairdresser, so they can also get a real feel for the style that you are trying to achieve.

Skincare For Brides

Every bride-to-be wants to have that glowing, flawless look on their wedding day. Six months before the date is the time when you should be really looking after your skin in order to achieve this. You should ensure that your skin remains in optimum condition by getting regular facials every month, as well as keeping hydrated.

3 months until you’ll be a Mrs

Wow! There are less than three months to go, it is becoming real! We’re guessing that you will have pretty much picked your wedding dress by now.  Finding the perfect wedding dress is a momentous occasion, and is the first major step in the process of creating the perfect bridal hairstyle to complement your dress and overall wedding theme. Be sure to bring your scrap book of favourite bridal hair ideas along to your next hair appointment, and talk through some hairstyling options with your Elements Hair Professional Hairdressers.

Only 6 weeks to go

With just over a month left to go now, it is all getting extremely exciting!  The time has now come to have your wedding day hair trial at Element Hair, Bishop’s Stortford, to try out a few of the bridal hair styles you have chosen.  Trying out wedding hair styles in advance is a great way of seeing what suits you and what bridal hairstyle you feel most comfortable in. We can also try out our range of Hair Extensions, and see if you would like them to be added to achieve a fuller, thicker look, or incorporated into a boho plait. If you have any wedding hair accessories i.e a tiara, or if you’re planning on putting some flowers in your hair, please bring these along to the salon so that they can also be taken into consideration when determining your final chosen look.

2 weeks left

With just two weeks left to go until your wedding day, now is the time have your hair coloured (if desired), get a final trim by your Elements Hairdresser and a final bridal hair and makeup trial run for all components – professional makeup, hair and any headdress.

For more on hair colour services in Bishop’s Stortford, take a look at our hair colour at Elements Hair and Lifestyle.

The day before your wedding

Relax with the team and enjoy your Elements Express manicure and pedicure appointment.  We are official stockists and providers of OPI gel nails using the very best active ingredients to create beautiful chip free, shiny and strong wedding gel nails ready for your big day.  Choose a block colour, french polish finish or how about adding some sparkle with some Rockstar nails for your wedding?

Today, be sure to wash your hair with your professional shampoo and conditioner, ready to be styled to perfection by your Elements Hair Stylist into your chosen wedding hair style tomorrow.

Lastly – get an early night!

The Wedding Day! (Yes, it is finally here!)

Many congratulations to you! Your special day is finally here, you will no doubt be full to the brim with emotion and excitement. Now is time to reap the rewards of all your carefully planned preparation! You will look and feel the best you ever have.

Relax with a glass of complimentary champagne and enjoy your last wedding hair and makeup appointment as the team at Elements Hair, Bishop’s Stortford send you off on your way to becoming a Mrs – looking and feeling beautiful.

To book a consultation with our wedding hairdressers and beauty specialists at our hair and beauty salon in Bishop’s Stortford call us on 01279 505151/506010 or book online here.