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hair colour correction at best hair dressing salon in HertfordshireColour Correction at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's Stortford

If you've experienced a hair colour disaster at home or elsewhere, please do not panic.  Seek professional advice as soon as possible so we can help rectify the problem.

We understand how upsetting it can be when you have a hair colour problem so we are on hand to deliver professional advice and get your hair colour back to its best. 

Below you will find some of the more common hair colour issues that people experience, plus some before and after images taken to show you what we can achieve when your hair colour has gone wrong at another salon or due to a box dye disaster.


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hair colour correction at best hair dressing salon in HertfordshireMy Hair Colour Has Gone Wrong - Should I Dye Over It?

This has got to be the most common hair dye disaster dilemma and the simple straight to the point answer is “NO!” Applying a new shade over the old one will not rectify your hair colour problem and could make it worse. 

If your hair is pre-coloured or has evidence of sun lightening, repeated washing, root regrowth or a build-up of colourant (which most of us do have in some form) this affects different sections and strands of the hair.  Let one of our colour experts analyse your hair to decide the exact mix of tones and shades required to restore hair colour.

My Hair Colour Is Uneven - What Can I Do? 

We are experts in improving the look of your hair when you have uneven hair colour, also known as a hair colour imbalance.  Book in for a colour consultation so we can assess your hair and work out a recovery plan.  Our colour experts will work hard to achieve, maintain or correct your hair colour so it looks even and beautiful.

Help! My Over-Bleached Hair Is Breaking

hair colour correction at best hair dressing salon in HertfordshireThe health of your hair is paramount so we would never recommend you bleach your hair at home.  This can cause your hair to become extremely dry which will lead to splitting and breaking. 

We use the best hair colour products from Goldwell and know exactly what to do and which products to use to remove unwanted colour and restore hair colour.  

If you need help with bleached hair or have any hair colour correction problem, please call Hair by Elements hairdressers in Bishop's Stortford as soon as possible so we can book you in for a complimentary consultation. 

We will assess your hair, discuss the problems and explain what it will take to get your hair looking lovely again.

Book A Colour Correction Service at Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's Stortford

Our hair colour specialists will be able to help you with your hair colour dilemma!  We are experts in hair colour and colour correction so book in as soon as possible for a free consultation so we can start you on your journey towards sensational hair once more!  Call the salon on 01279 505151 or 506010.

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