Hair & Beauty Trends You Need To Get On Board With In 2017!

Hottest Hair & Beauty Trends for 2017 from Elements Hair Salon in Bishop’s Stortford 

It is safe to say that 2016 was a crazy year, and the trends we saw in the hair and beauty industry were to exception to that. With contouring proving to be a stronger trend than first anticipated, and ombre becoming a theme in everything related to beauty, we cannot wait to find out which trends will stick around in 2017, along with the new and exciting trends we can expect to see in this glorious new year. So here is your round up of the new and exciting trend predictions in the hair and beauty industry for 2017!

No-Heat Hairstyles & Braids

braidsWe are probably all guilty of over doing it with the GHD’s, well 2017 could be the year to make a change. Messy up do’s and buns have been a growing trend for the past few years, now is the time to get more creative with it. Our go-to, no heat look in 2016 was definitely braids and plaits in all different shapes and styles.

If you’ve already mastered the fishtail and boxer braids, 2017 is the time to try the braided top knot. To perfect this look we recommend using Paul Mitchell Sculpting foam to condition and shape your hair for easy styling and Paul Mitchell Spray Wax to give the style flexible hold and texture.


Tiger Eye Hair Trend

tiger-eyeTiger eye (also known as tiger’s eye) is a semiprecious rock with a distinct pattern of gold, bronze and dark brown stripes. Tiger eye hair, on the other hand, applies these shades to your hair to give you a warm, integrated depth of colour.

And just as the hand-painting technique made balayage so favoured, so too is it making the tiger eye hair trend extremely popular. The key to getting it right? Ask for caramel highlights paired with a warm, or dark chocolate base so it doesn’t look too bronze.


Cut Crease Make-Up

picture1A look that has taken over social media in 2016 is the Cut Crease eye look. With make-up artists displaying more and more creative works, this look can be seen in all shapes and colors, but each share the same sharp crease line as an alternative to the more traditional blended crease.

Our make-up artists, Natalie and Jess are fans of this look and just love to experiment with on trend colors and shapes. Why not book an appointment or one-to-one lesson with Natalie or Jess to experience this trend for yourself, even learn all the tricks of the trade?



Charcoal Masks

picture5Charcoal has been seen in beauty products in the past but 2016 saw the introduction of many Charcoal masks launch by a lot of big beauty industry brands. Thanks to its detoxifying properties you will find these masks will leave your skin clear and glowing. We recommend Dermalogica’s Charcoal Rescue Masque, containing activated Binchotan Charcoal that powerfully adsorbs impurities and leaves skin dramatically brighter. This super rescue for tired, lackluster skin is popular amongst our therapists at Urban Spa. Get yours today.

Ash Balayage Hair Colour

ashThe golden caramel tones we typically associate with the balayage look now make way for cooler, ashy tones in 2017. If you are thinking of trying a new look like this, then be sure to ask your stylist about our Smartbond service. Smartbond is ideal for anyone undergoing a colour or lightening process, by strengthening and repairing hair bonds, it prevents extreme damage caused by colouring and bleaching. From extreme transformations to subtle changes, you can now guarantee that your hair will feel and look stronger after colouring.

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