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Fancy A New Hair Colour?

What To Ask Your Hairdresser At Hair By Elements In Bishop's Stortford 

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Life's too short to have boring hair so why not change it up with a fabulous new hair colour at Hair by Elements hairdressers in Bishop's Stortford?  During your complimentary hair consultation, we can discuss you likes and dislikes, look at hairstyle and colours that would suit you, assess your hair type and lifestyle to come up with a look that works for you!  Simply call the salon on 01279 505151 / 506010 or book online using the link to the side of the screen. 

Now read on to find out some of our Frequently Asked Questions about hair colour.

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How Do I Explain The Hair Colour I Want To My Hairdresser?

Hair colour consultations are a brilliant way to help your hairdresser understand which hair colour you desire.  We will ask you the right questions and work together to ensure you are 100% happy with the plan.  Of course, you may already know exactly what you want.  If so, please show a photo to your colour expert if at all possible.  

Do I Need A Patch Test Before My Hair Colour Appointment?

Reactions to hair colour are rare but do happen for a variety of reasons including changes in medication, hormonal imbalances and illness.  Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's Stortford is a colour responsible salon which means you must have a patch test (we call it an Allergy Alert Test).  See the image below: 


Will You Cut My Hair Before Or After My Hair Colour?

We will explain everything during your hair colour consultation but we usually colour your hair before your haircut.  

What’s The Difference Between Balayage & Highlights?

Put very simply, highlights give you a more uniform look as we can place highlights evenly across your hair.  Balayage offers a more bespoke highlighting service where we add colour - often blonde highlights - throughout your hair to accentuate your hairstyle and give a sun-kissed look. Your roots will be darker with balayage which means the root regrowth is less noticeable as your hair grows. 

I Am Pregnant. Can I Colour My Hair? 

We can colour your hair when you are pregnant but many women wait until their first trimester has passed.  Please read the official NHS guidelines for colouring your hair when pregnant here.

Can I Have My Hair Coloured If I Am Under 16? 

We do not offer hair colour for anyone under the age of 16.

How Much Will My Hair Colour Appointment Cost? 

The cost of your hair colour will depend on the service you choose and the level of colour specialist you decide upon.  View our price list here but please book in for a complimentary consultation so we can give you a quote.

Can I Go From Brunette To Blonde?

There are hundreds of blonde hair colours to choose between so let our colour technicians help you get the best blonde hair colour for you.  We really do understand the science of hair colouring and how your hair type will react to different colours or the bleaching process. Transforming a head of brunette hair into blonde may also take more than one appointment so please book a consultation so you have all the relevant information before you decide to book.

Do You Offer Pastel Hair Colours?

We can create just about any hair shade you desire including pastel hair colours, bold hair shades and even blocks of hidden colour!

How To Book A Hair Colour Appointment Hair By Element Hairdressers In Hertfordshire

Book an appointment calling the salon on 01279 505151 / 506010 or book online using the link to the side of the screen.

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