Haircare Do’s and Don’ts

Top Tips for Achieving Beautiful Hair Everyday from Elements Lifestyle Salon, Bishop’s Stortford

Haircare Dos and Don’ts

Some women just seem to have fantastic hair everyday. Here’s how to be one of them!

There are so many things we can do to improve the look and feel of our hair, but there are many common mistakes that everyone makes!

This is everything you need to do and ‘don’t’ do to keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous!

Haircare Do’s & Don’ts

DON’T – use a brush on wet hair! Instead always use a wide-tooth comb starting at the
ends and gently work you way up.

DO – brush your hair each morning to help remove dust, dirt and loose scales.

DON’T – expose your hair to the sun during the hottest time of the day when you are on holiday this will cause you hair to severely dry our and become damaged.

DO – use the CC Crème from Kérastase’ Soleil range when in the sun to protect your hair from the suns damaging UV rays.

DON’T – skip out on having a regular trim. This can leave your locks with split ends and breakage.

DO – get you hair cut regularly, especially if you are someone who straightens or curls your hair often.

DON’T – over wash your hair. Washing it too regularly will strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dull and dry.

DO – find the right shampoo for your hair. If you find that your hair becomes greasy easily we recommend using Bain Divalent from the Kérastase Specifique range. It is designed to balance oily roots and care for sensitised lengths.

DON’T – tie your hair up too tight or too often as this can cause a lot of stain on the hair leading to breakage around
the hairline.

DO – try to tie your hair at the nape of the neck or to one side instead so that the strain isn’t always on the same areas. Try a KODO Bobble as an alternative to a regular hair band as they hold the hair secure without causing knots and kinks in the hair.

Haircare Dos and Don’ts

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