The Hair Trend to Make Hearts Throb!

The Hot New Hair Trend for Men in 2019 at Hair by Elements Hair Salon in Bishop’s Stortford

Our stylists have been looking at one of the top hair trends for men in 2019, and there is good news for chaps with mid-length locks!

The floppy hairstyle previously seen in the 1990s is making a comeback!  Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet and Hugh Grant (let’s face it – in all of his films) and you’ll have the look spot on!

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The Best Hair Ideas for Men with Naturally Curly Hair

The curly heartthrob hairstyle should never look too styled, it should be a slightly mussed-up look. This hairstyle is perfect for gents who have naturally curly or wavy mid-length hair, as it is super low maintenance and can be styled with minimal product. Of course, you can always use styling tools to create curls then, using your fingers, deconstruct the curls to create the look on straight hair. 

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Get that James Dean Look for your Hair  

James Dean is the eternal heartthrob and this hair style is incredibly popular again. The classic men’s hairstyle has been updated again for the 21st century with male celebrities such as Shawn Mendes rocking this high volume, pushed back hairstyle. That iconic forward falling lock of hair is still present in this year’s top men’s hair style, making it look not too structured, and effortlessly cool. Ask your Hair By Elements stylist for the best volumising product for your hair type. 

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The Heartthrob Hairstyle for Men with Straight Hair

If your hair is straight, don’t worry that you won’t be able to wear this style! You will need to get a really great hair cut and wash your hair with a professional volumising shampoo. Drying your hair upside down, using a light holding mousse and styling with your hands will ensure this style doesn’t look either flat or too structured. Liam Hemsworth has naturally thick, straight hair and looks great with his dishevelled curtains hairstyle! 

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