Summer Hair Trends

Top Hair Trends At Hair By Elements Hair Salon In Hertfordshire

During the warmer months, you may feel the urge to opt for the chop with a shorter hairstyle to stop your hair from feeling heavy. This year, you can look hot whilst keeping cool with a trendy short hairstyle! At Hair By Elements Hair Salon in Bishop’s Stortford, our expert team have created a list of the top hair trends for summer 2022. Keep reading for inspiration for your summer hairstyle!

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The Heartthrob Bob

The heartthrob bob got it’s name for a reason, and you’re sure to have people falling at your feet with this fabulous hairstyle. Originally one of the biggest men’s hair trends, this hairstyle can be rocked by anyone because it looks so good! The 90s-inspired heartthrob bob is a layered, choppy hairstyle which involves close-cropped layers at the nape of the neck coupled with longer pieces that sweep along the cheek bone to frame the face. This low maintenance haircut is easy to style as you can just wash and go, or apply some gel for a tousled look.

French Inspired Pixie Cuts

Oohlala! You’ll look stylish and chic with a French inspired pixie cropped haircut. The French twist on the classic pixie cut involves the traditional short back and sides with the hair left longer on the top. This allows for that gorgeous effortlessly chic look that French women are known for, where you can tousle the layers for a perfect ‘I woke up like this’ appearance. There’s no need for styling tools with this hairstyle, as all you need are your fingers and a little mousse!

Collarbone Grazing Lobs

If you want to go shorter without losing too much length, then the relaxed collarbone grazing lob (or long bob) is perfect for you. What’s great about this hairstyle is that it’s long enough to be styled in many different ways whilst still being short enough to keep you cool on those warm summer days. The lob is an ideal hairstyle for any and every hair text as the length helps maintain thickness and volume for fine, straight hair, whilst being long enough that curly hair types won’t puff out like it would with a traditional bob.

The Wolf Cut - The Retro-Modern Style

Release your wild side this summer with a wolf cut hairstyle! The wolf cut is a modern twist on the classic mullet and shag haircuts, and is definitely a top trend this summer. This hairstyle involves cutting your hair short and left choppy and shaggy on the top then faded towards the temples. You’re sure to turn heads with this rockstar hairstyle, and all you need is a little gel or mousse for a stunningly textured style.

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