Avoid Brassy Hair!

Avoid Brassy Hair With A Visit To Bishop's Stortford's Top Hair Colour Salon

You know your hair will look fabulous when you leave Hair by Elements Salon in Bishop's Stortford - beautifully cut, styled, blow dried and coloured - but what can you do to ensure your hair colour lasts without fading or going brassy?  In this article we look at what makes your hair colour look brassy and how you can keep your hair colour looking fabulous for longer. 

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What Is Brassy Hair?  

Brassy hair is a term most usually associated with blondes which have turned a bit yellow or orange. It occurs due to over-washing the hair, washing the hair using incorrect products, allowing certain chemicals to come into contact with your hair and other environmental factors such as sun damage.  Basically, there are blue-toned molecules in the hair dye which can get washed out faster than the red and yellow colours. Do not despair though, as a visit to Hair by Elements Hair Salon in Bishop's Stortford can ensure your hair colour remains true to shade for longer.

Can Brunette Hair Colour Turn Brassy?

Both blonde and brunette hair colours can turn a bit brassy.  However, blonde hair tends to be more porous so is susceptible to discoloration if you do not look after your hair colour.  

How Can I Stop My Hair Going Brassy?

Use Professional Hair Care Products For Coloured Hair: 

Seek advice from one of our colour experts about the best shampoo and conditioner to use for your hair colour and type.     

Protect Your Hair From The Sun:

The sun will fade your hair colour and dry out your hair.  The sun's UV rays speed up the oxidation of your hair colour which can result in a brassier shade.   

Avoid Pool Chlorine:

Chlorine will strip your hair of its natural oils so it ends up dry and your hair colour more likely to change shade. If you have to get your hair wet in the pool, try soaking your hair with pure water first.  Your hair will soak up the 'pure' water which mean sit will take in less chlorine.  After your dip, shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possible with colour-protection hair care products.

Do Not Over-Wash Your Hair:

How often you wash your hair depends very much on your hair type and texture so the guidance here is not to over-wash your hair.  Try not to wash it every day.  Instead, opt for washing your hair two or three times a week.  As already mentioned, invest in a professional hair colour shampoo and conditioner too.

Rinse Your Hair In Cool Water: 

If possible, when washing your hair, try rinsing it in cool water.  This closes the cuticles on the hair strands which helps to preserve your hair colour (and also makes your hair look shinier and healthier!)

What To Do If Your Hair Colour Changes

If your hair starts looking brassy or changes shade completely, please call Hair by Elements Hairdressers in Bishop's Stortford as soon as possible on 01279 505151 / 506010.  We offer colour correction appointments which can get your hair colour back to beautiful once more!  It may be as simple as adding a toner or gloss treatment - but, whatever the solution, we will explain the process and keep you fully informed of the options available. 

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